Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Horizontal lifeline systems are a fundamental part of roof design these days when it comes to maintenance access; guardrails tending to be a last resort due to aesthetics.

Falling in two categories a horizontal lifeline system is designed to provide a safe means of access whilst works are carried out on the roof.

Fall Arrest

The most basic of systems enabling an operative to access a roof on a single cable line. This system however requires a min two operatives on the roof and rescue plan in place; the potential to fall off the roof edge is great due to the operative being attached to an adjustable lanyard to access the remotest part of the roof.

Fall Restraint

This system is a lot more comprehensive than Fall Arrest and will involve more cable and posts. The idea is that when deployed an operative should not be able to fall off the roof being attached to a fixed lanyard. The cable run is normally positioned 2.3m from the roof edge with the operative using a 2m fixed lanyard. A rescue plan is therefore redundant and only one operative needs to use the system.

Mobile Systems

Working with leaders in the industry we have developed a more user friendly temporary lifeline system. The customary methodology of using a dead weight system was cumbersome and dangerous to transport high level due to its excessive weight. The “Echo Anchor” is a totally unique concept in fall protection and uses renewable resources for both manufacture and installation. Due to the massive weight saving for transportation it can also reduce the carbon footprint. The anchor is constructed of a special natural rubber material that holds a bag in a solid cube form when filled with water. The “Echo Anchor” is compatible with a large variety of roof surfaces including composite and mineral felts. It is also suitable for use on pitched roofs of up to 15 degrees. When collapsed the “Echo Anchor” weighs just 8kg, fitting in a small bag, and avoiding the need to transport, or carry, heavy weights to the top of the building prior to installation.

Temporary Systems

Using two “Echo Anchors” spaced max 20m apart the temporary lifeline system provides a safe horizontal anchorage for up to two users; simple to install via a ratchet style tensioner.